AcceleDent Orthodontic Treatment 



Speeding Up Orthodontic Treatment Time in Mississauga & Thornhill, Ontario

Orthodontically Yours offers comprehensive and cutting-edge orthodontic treatment for residents of Mississauga, Thornhill, and other neighboring areas. We pride ourselves on not just our professional abilities, but in our genuine passion for orthodontics, and we believe that this passion is readily apparent in the smiles of our patients and the results we produce. One method by which we can accomplish these results is through the AcceleDent® System treatment.

Accelerating Orthodontic Treatment

One of the ways we’re getting these results, and getting them quickly, is through the use of the AcceleDent® System, a cutting-edge orthodontic appliance designed to dramatically slash the amount of time you spend receiving orthodontic treatment. If you’re among the many people who’ve longed for a stronger, more aesthetically appealing smile but shudder at the thought of spending months or even years in braces, this is what you need to accelerate the orthodontic treatment process. Shown to reduce typical treatment times by anywhere from 38 to 50 percent, the device is easy to use, painless, and intended to get you smiling broadly again long before you would without it. 

The AcceleDent Aura Device

This system features a lightweight, hands-free design, and is used in conjunction with standard braces to speed up tooth movement. It features patented technology that effectively vibrates your teeth and bone, making it easier for them to slide into their intended places. Safe and effective, the device feels something like an electric toothbrush, but users similarly don’t experience pain during use. 

Product Benefits

While there are many positives to using this type of treatment method, here is a simple and quick list of benefits that you may be interested to see:

  • Faster orthodontic care without sacrificing results
  • Safe and effective for orthodontic patients of all ages
  • Lightweight device
  • Easy to use with simple instructions
  • Hands-free design. This means you can work, watch TV, or enjoy any number of other daily activities while wearing it

It’s easy, it’s safe, and it’s effective, and it’s time for you to try it for yourself. Feel free to watch our videos below discussing AcceleDent Aura even further!

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