Office Tour

Giving a Glimpse Into Our Thornhill & Mississauga Orthodontics Office

An office is one of the very things a patient interacts with when engaging with an orthodontic practice, so it is very important to create an environment where the patient feels comfortable and safe. At Orthodontically Yours, we are very proud of our practice’s office as we are confident in its ability to put patients at ease in a calming environment while still providing all of the proper resources needed to fulfill out orthodontic procedures. Feel free to browse our office pictures above or read the description below to learn more.

Our State of the Art Office

There is something very peaceful about the world underwater. Sounds begin to drown out, and even though there are hustles and bustles of fish moving, they are all moving together in harmony. We like to think of our practice in a similar light. While our orthodontists and staff to move swiftly and smoothly, everything seems extraordinarily calm. With multiple fish tanks and a cool color scheme, it really does feel like an underwater adventure!

Beyond the aesthetics, our office is fully equipped to handle any and all orthodontic procedures that could possibly take place. Alongside the skilled hands of doctors Kholov and Abi-Nahed, our fantastic equipment has helped us to receive a top 1% ranking of all Invisalign doctors. With Orthodontically Yours, you will surely be in good hands.

Come by Our Mississauga or Thornhill Office For a Visit

If you would like to see for yourself what our office has to offer, you are more than welcome to swing by for a visit. The only thing that we would ask is that you first give the practice a call and contact us. This way, we will be ready to accept you and can give you the full tour while also explaining what our Orthodontists can do for you!