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At Orthodontically Yours, our mission is simple: help our patients achieve beautiful, healthy smiles through an orthodontic treatment method that works for them. As a leading orthodontist serving the Thornhill and Mississauga, ON areas, we're proud to offer comprehensive, high-quality orthodontic treatment, and our orthodontists work closely with patients to personalize treatments to fit their lifestyles. If you're interested in achieving the smile you've always dreamed of, we can help you do it – and we offer a wide range of treatment options to suit your specific needs.

Our Mississauga Orthodontic Treatments

Ready to finally achieve your dream smile? With orthodontic treatment, it's easier than ever before. Our office offers comprehensive orthodontic treatment to help you revitalize your smile, and our orthodontist will work with you to help you choose the perfect treatment:

  • Phase II & Adolescent Treatment: Adolescence is the perfect time for orthodontic treatment, and it's also when we'll perfect the smile of a patient who received early orthodontic treatment.
  • Types of Braces: Metal braces are no longer the only option! We offer a variety of treatments outside of metal braces including clear braces, SmartClip braces, and Invisalign.
  • Herbst: For patients with a strong overbite, the Herbst appliance is a simple, effective way to correct jaw alignment, pull the lower jaw forward, and construct a better smile.
  • Elastics: Orthodontic rubber bands, more commonly called elastics, are a critical part of treatment that helps us use braces to adjust the alignment of the jaw.
  • Retention: No matter which orthodontic treatment you choose, you'll need to go through a retention phase after the active phase of your treatment. With proper wear, your orthodontic retainers will help your teeth "set" into place and ensure your smile lasts a lifetime!
  • Microimplants: Microimplants are a convenient, discreet alternative to headgear. These tiny, biocompatible titanium screws can be placed in the jawbone to mimic a tooth root, providing an anchor which we can use to move the teeth.
  • TADs: Another effective alternative to headgear, TADs are tiny screw-like dental implants placed into the jawline to provide an anchorage point for moving teeth.

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We're proud to offer this wide variety of treatments to suit the unique needs of our patients, and no matter what your current orthodontic situation, our Thornhill orthodontist will work with you to choose the treatment that's right for you. Ready to get started achieving your new smile? Don't wait – take the first step and request a consultation online today!

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