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Giving a Glimpse Into Our Thornhill & Mississauga Orthodontics Office

    Meet The Orthodontically Yours Team

    At Orthodontically Yours, we understand the importance of a winning smile. We understand that orthodontic care can seem daunting and the cost can often seem prohibitive. Orthodontically Yours is here to help.

    We have created an incredible team that is able to offer a broad range of different orthodontic services, from metal braces to Invisalign to Acceledent. Read on to learn more about our dedicated team and the services they are able to provide. Then contact us to arrange a consultation to discuss how we can work with you to create your perfect smile with braces or Invisalign!

    Our Orthodontic Staff

    We are proud to have assembled an amazing team of staff members committed to bringing you the highest-quality orthodontic care in Thornhill and Mississauga, Ontario. In addition to our orthodontists, Dr. Eugene Kholov, Dr. Matthew Paradisgarten, and Dr. Jocelyn Abi-Nahed, our team includes highly experienced registered dental hygienists, certified dental assistants, and staff members – all working together to ensure you and your family receive the best possible service. Our team brings together experience from around the world, each team member working to bring their own energy to the practice while ensuring a comfortable environment for all of our patients.

    Every member of our practice strives daily to bring an expert level of orthodontic care and instruction to each patient. No matter what kind of orthodontic treatment you are looking for, our team is prepared to go above and beyond to ensure you receive the orthodontic care you deserve. Bringing great new smiles to your family's faces puts great smiles on ours!

    Our Orthodontic Services

    Given the breadth of experience across our staff, we are able to offer a wide variety of orthodontic services. Some of the services we are able to provide include:

    • Traditional Metal Braces
    • Invisalign
    • AcceleDent
    • Clear Braces
    • SmartClip Braces by 3M Unitek
    • Herbst Appliance
    • Microimplants
    • Elastics

    Our team makes sure that we are up to date on the most recent orthodontic advancements. We keep track of what technology has proven results so that you don't have to. We can help you no matter what stage of the decisions process you find yourself – from deciding whether orthodontia is right for you to determine what treatment will bring you the best results.

    Book Your First Consultation Today!

    We are happy to provide our orthodontic services at two convenient office locations in Ontario: Thornhill Office: 2 Conley St., Suite 102, Thornhill, Ontario L4J 7Z7; (905) 763-9098 Mississauga Office: 2227 South Millway, Suite 102, Mississauga, Ontario L5L 3R6; (905) 820-6511

    Contact us today to request a consultation to work with one of our amazing team members to determine what orthodontic procedure will work best for you. We can't wait to help you achieve a healthy, confident smile!