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Have You Heard About Invisalign
Posted on 05/31/2016

Have You Heard About Invisalign

Learn About this Discrete Orthodontic Treatment

Looking for orthodontic treatment, but you don't want the whole world to know? We completely understand the feeling. Sometimes, we don't want everyone to know that we are seeking out treatment, and simply want to keep certain matters private. Well Invisalign is the orthodontic treatment which does precisely that!

As stated above, Invisalign is a method we as an orthodontic practice use to straighten teeth invisibly! It's actually pretty amazing when you think about it. No metal brackets, no wires, just clear tray aligners that are custom made for each individual client. The trays are worn 22 hours daily, and replaced for new ones every 1-2 weeks during treatment. And the best part? They can be removed while you floss your teeth and while you eat! If we stop to think about that for a second, that is a really cool feature. Floss threaders can definitely be a hassle to navigate around retainers, and as a result, this part of dental health usually falls by the wayside. Also, by removing the trays to eat, this means you won't have to change your diet in any way shape or form.

Invisalign Doubles as a Retainer 

Once your Invisalign treatment has been completed, it should also be noted that the final set of trays can double as a nightly retainer. So instead of paying for an auxiliary appliance after your braces come off, Invisalign takes care of the whole thing altogether!

Orthodontically Yours has been straightening teeth the invisible way for over 10 years and we are an elite provider of Invisalign. In 2015, our office was ranked in the Top 1% of Invisalign providers in North America! So if you want to obtain Invisalign treatment from the best providers of this particular treatment in the continent, come to Orthodontically yours! With offices, in Thornhill & Mississauga, we can be sure to help you too.

So, if you or a loved one is interested in improving your smile the invisible way, please contact our office, we'd be happy to show you how we can make it happen!