Worst Food For Braces

Worst Foods For Braces
Posted on 06/18/2018

Worst Foods For Braces

You've made the important choice to improve both your confidence and looks as well as your oral and overall health. You’ve made the decision to begin braces or Invisalign treatment with your Thornhill or Mississauga orthodontist! The last thing you may want to consider as you prepare for the addition of brackets and wires to your mouth is changing your eating habits. However, your friends at Orthodontically Yours care about your smile and your health. Now is a crucial time to take care of your braces to maximize your treatment time and effectiveness. Besides properly brushing and flossing every day, there are some foods you would be wise to stay away from. Here’s a short list:

Sugary Drinks

This is one of the most difficult things to give up for most of our Mississauga patients. But it can be the most harmful. The added sugar in drinks like carbonated soft drinks, fruit drinks, and even “healthy” sports drinks can do damage to your teeth. The sugar and acids combine with the natural bacteria in your mouth to form plaque which can settle in and around your braces and brackets. If not brushed or flossed away regularly, the plaque can lead to tooth decay and gum damage. Instead, opt for water fortified with fluoride. Or, get your fix of fruits and vegetables in a smoothie of your choice!

Pears, Apples, Corn on the Cob

These delicious fruits and vegetables may be good for you, but they can be hard on your braces, like any fruit or vegetable that you have to bite with your front teeth. Raw carrots and celery can be difficult to eat as well. Instead, opt for mangos, papayas, kiwis, and bananas which should be easy to eat with braces. Or, cut the corn off the cob and cut all of these fruits into bite-sized pieces and make a fruit cup for a delicious and healthy snack! Try to avoid citrus fruits like lemons and grapefruit, which have a high content of acids. These acids can combine with other elements to erode tooth enamel over time making your teeth much more susceptible to tooth decay. 

Chewy or Hard Candy

This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised by the number of patients we see at our Thornhill dentist office with broken wires or brackets because, up against a chewy candy like Milk Duds, the Milk Duds will win every time. Taffy, caramels, and sour gummies are all guilty not only of damaging your orthodontic appliances but the sticky sugar can stick to and between your teeth for a long time which can damage that tooth enamel. Hard candy can also damage your braces and when you suck on hard candy, the sugar lingers in your mouth for a long time, giving it more of a chance to combine with your bacteria and create plaque. 

Chips, Popcorn, Whole Nuts, Hard Crackers

Moving these popular snacks out of your normal eating routine may be a challenge, but you’ll be happy that you did! Hard crackers may be painful to bite. And the sharp edges of crackers and chips can sometimes get stuck in your braces and even pushed into your gums causing pain and irritation. Whole nuts can also be difficult to eat for braces wearers. Find some new healthy snacks that you enjoy! The patients at our Thornhill and Mississauga dentist offices tell us they enjoy snacks like cheese, yogurt, pudding, and applesauce. 

Ask Your Thornhill or Mississauga Orthodontist For Great Food Ideas!

We know that changes in eating some of your favorite foods may be difficult, but we want you have to the best results from your orthodontic experience at Orthodontically Yours. Making these changes in your food choices will not only preserve your orthodontic appliances, they will help reduce the possibility of tooth decay and gum disease, and increase your overall health. Our friendly dental staff will go over all of the best practices for taking care of your braces or Invisalign clear aligners when you begin your treatment. And we are always available to answer any questions you have at anytime. Just give us a call at (905) 820-6511 for our Thornhill dentist office or  (905) 763-9098 for our Mississauga dentist office. Looking forward to teaming with you create the smile you’ve always dreamed of!