Exceptional Orthodontic Care In Thornhill & Mississauga

Here at Orthodontically Yours, our Thornhill Orthodontist and Mississauga Orthodontist teams work hard to give you a smile that you can feel proud of. We believe that our team consists not only of the talented people who work in our offices, but also of you. We want you to feel included in the decisions regarding your health and smile so that you feel confident about the work that we do to make your smile shine. Every move that we make in our offices is guided by our motto.

Our Team’s Motto

One of the questions that we get asked the most is about why we all wear Jordans. The answer is simple – to us, it represents a symbol of excellence. In the same way that Michael Jordan provided excellence while playing the game of basketball, we want to do the same when offering our orthodontic services.

While Jordan was a supremely-talented basketball player and one of the greatest athletes of all time, it wasn't just his talent that made him what he was. As Jordan said, "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships."

At Orthodontically Yours, it's our sincerest goal to be your champions in orthodontics.

Our Orthodontic Services

We are proud to offer you a range of orthodontic services, including clear braces, Invisalign, AcceleDent, MicroImplants, Elastics, Retention, TADs, and more. Our wide variety of services ensures that we can create a personalized treatment plan perfect for your individual needs. We treat both teen patients and adult patients. Every one of our patients is treated with the utmost respect and compassion. We know that your smile is both personal and important. It's important to us, too! We want you to walk out of our office at the end of your treatment feeling proud of the smile that we've given you.

Thornhill Orthodontist Office

Our Thornhill Orthodontist Office the premier location for Thornhill braces, AcceleDent, and Invisalign. To learn more about the services that we offer and how we can help you achieve your best smile, request a consultation online or call us at: (905) 763-9098.

Mississauga Orthodontist Office

For patients looking for a Mississauga Orthodontist, look no further than the experts who apply Mississauga braces, Acceledent, and Invisalign at our Mississauga location. To discuss how we can help you achieve your best smile, request a consultation online or call us at (905) 820-6511.

Contact Your Local Orthodontist Today!

Here at Orthodontically Yours, we want you to be as comfortable and informed as possible. We know that going to the orthodontist can be a stressful experience, and we want to unburden you from any anxiety you may be feeling about your upcoming visit.

That's why we provide information about your service options right on our website. Feel free to educate yourself about the different possibilities so that we can have an informed discussion when you come in to speak with us at your consultation. You can also get to know our team before you come in, which we hope will make you more comfortable on the day of your appointment. For your convenience, we offer directions to each of our locations. If you have questions at any point during this process, we encourage you to reach out to our teams. We can’t wait to help you achieve a smile you’re proud of!

Thornhill Orthodontist: (905) 763-9098
Mississauga Orthodontist: (905) 820-6511