Elastics & Braces

Here at Orthodontically Yours, our orthodontists and staff strive to make your orthodontic experience a pleasant and professional one.With offices in both Thornhill & Mississauga, ON, our orthodontic team provides comprehensive orthodontic care for people of all ages. We love giving people the gift of incredible smiles that they will enjoy for the rest of their lives!

Elastics are a key part of traditional orthodontic treatment with metal braces. Orthodontic elastics are designed to apply focused pressure onto your appliances to assist with tooth movement, so it’s critical that you wear your elastics regularly and properly. Help yourself achieve the smile of your dreams by following this comprehensive guide to wearing elastics with braces.

What Are Orthodontic Elastics And What Do They Do?

Almost everyone who achieves a straight smile by wearing traditional metal braces will also receive smaller rubber bands that are looped around each metal brace bracket to hold their orthodontic archwire in place. These rubber bands are called ligatures, and should only be removed or replaced here by your professional orthodontist at one of our Orthodontically Yours offices.

Additionally, some patients may wear a second type of elastics, called interarch rubber bands. These bands are used to correct your bite alignment. Interarch bands will be hooked on each side of your mouth, stretching from your top canines to your bottom molars or vice versa, depending on your bite.Interarch rubber bands have a more specific purpose than the ligatures that hold you wires in place. Interarch bands are used during the bite alignment phase of your orthodontic treatment, where one of our orthodontists plans to correct the way your teeth are positioned within the jaws. While the brackets and wires will fix your crooked teeth, elastics are used in the more difficult process of fixing your bite.

How To Properly Use Your Elastics

Your elastics should be worn at all times, except for when you're eating, brushing, or flossing your teeth! You also must be sure to change your elastics at least once per day, as they can become stretched out, which can diminish their effectiveness. Elastics come in many sizes, each of which has its own specific purpose. Our expert orthodontists will provide you with your appropriate size, along with specific directions for changing your elastics at home. Neglecting to wear your elastics for even one day can cause your teeth to shift back into their original position, so make sure to keep them on at all times!

Wearing Elastics With Braces: Tips & Tricks

Here are some things to remember about your elastics:

  • Patient Compliance Is A Must – It’s imperative that you commit to wearing your elastics and follow your personalized treatment plan to achieve desired results!

  • Don’t Double Up – If you miss a day of wearing your elastics, do not wear double elastics the next day. Instead, follow the instructions we gave you.

  • Change Your Elastics Daily – Because your elastics will stretch out and lose their elasticity, you need to change them each day.

  • Call Us If You Have Problems – If any part of your braces break or loosen, contact us right away for an appointment. It’s necessary for us to make the repairs quickly so you can continue wearing your elastics.

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